Let’s be honest, who wants to play a game on taxes..


(people’s reaction when Researchista enthusiastically tells people she knows an exciting game on taxes)

and not just on any kind of taxes, but on personal income taxes.

Taxes help a country to become prosperous. Yet due to its character, taxes often have a negative meaning and I want to change that 😉

“Mobility Era. Play your taxes!” is the first FUN game about personal income taxes and much more.

the cover of the box

We focus on the EU countries and few non-EU countries, 35 in total (game DEMO9).


By throwing the dice and passing through the squares on the board, the player advances in age. Every square means 1 year of a person’s life-time. The game starts when the player is 11 years old and ends at 99 years old.


The game takes you through a series of simulated real-life events. If you move from France to Spain or if you live in Slovenia, but your spouse/partner got a job somewhere else, depending on your age, you get to experience events characteristic to various phases of your life.

Most of all, you get to have lots of fun while playing it with your family and friends!