Bismarck always had a plan! #MEgoplaces

#From a complete newbie in board gaming into a real game: “Mobility Era. Play your taxes!” goes to game fairs and events and wants to take you along on this exciting journey. 


Here I am smashing my fresh tasty German bagel and super curious about the day ahead: the-world-largest-board-game-convention. Oh my God, who would have thought… and you know why I am saying this? Or why I am even writing this blog post?

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… is because few years ago I would hardly even play a board game myself, never would I imagine that one day I would come up with a board game myself!

You might think that I’m a complete nerd or geek or a big board game fun, but the truth is that I hardly played board games in my (entire) life. Basically, not until recently, I played Monopoly, thanks to my sister I know Catan and my favourite game other than Mobility Era is Blokus – the one that we simply can’t stop playing during Christmas holidays and summer breaks at home (it is so addictive, John Perkins, all your fault. Hugh, so is yours!).

But you are not here to read a personal story, are you?

Well, let me start by saying that to me personally developing a board game at Researchista is not about the process itself, but more about that it is:

  • A means of transmitting our key message
  • A fun tool to learn something out of it
  • A way to connect with each other and let people learn more about Researchers’ world.


The funny thing is that after visiting the fair and playing all sorts of games like:

  • How to accumulate highest number of maids or courtesans (???);
  • How to steal and be a better thief;
  • How to make magic potions and send someone to death..

… claiming ideals like gaming to make an impact on our daily life almost sounds funny 🙂

So, yes! I am aware that creating and promoting a game that is more about learning concepts, learning about real statistics, about life events is fun, but it is not medieval, it is not Japanese, it is not about robots, it is not about demons, it is not about 12 hour computer nosing in a strategic game, it is not so many things, yet! It is, at the same time 😉

So, in a nutshell, this fair taught me:

  • To navigate through the multitude of types of games and appreciating their uniqueness
  • To accept that there are some completely pointless (in my view) games, but this is why they are called games, because there are no boundaries in gaming!
  • To love love love, and love games and have fun with it!

Here are the pics from the fair, enjoy!


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Above all, don’t forget to … 

Pay & play your taxes, 

Mobility Era & Researchista ❤


p.s. While trying to find the Convention, I was asking my new friend about their independent job they were carrying out and how is life as an entrepreneur in Germany. First thing that I was told was that it was very important to have a health insurance in Germany, while sharing the pain with the American people on how they are fighting for free public health insurance. So.. Bismark (the first politician who came up with the concept of “social insurance”) came into discussion. He came up with an insurance plan and apparently there was a German comedy show in which the presenters would joke that Bismark always had a plan. Anyway, it’s good social policy joke 🙂 Oh no, was that too nerdy?

p.s.2. The melody is from Final Fantasy computer game, do you remember that one? I downloaded it from the account of Onion Fighter on youtube 🙂

Le fin.