There are few who pay their taxes with joy. Irina Burlacu however believes that paying taxes is not only necessary, but can also be entertaining. An exciting educational game“, PROTV Moldova.

 ***Education Professionals***

By playing the exciting and gripping board game the students live a life as an European citizen and learn about economics, social situations, geography, math and the EU.

The realistic game is very suitable to give students a motivating idea of European citizenship and the EU as a whole“, Bernd Namislo, Director of Real Schule Obertraubling (Bavaria, Germany/March, 2019)

***Policy Makers***

Brilliant idea!“, Jiří BURIÁNEK, Secretary General of the Committee of Regions, European Commission: “The defence of European achievements such as the free movement in the EU is something recognized as essential in the EU construction and every initiative to strengthen these pillars are always very well received” (July, 2017).

Projects like yours are most valuable to the Commission’s objective to bring EU closer to its citizens. I can only encourage your enthusiasm to teach citizens about the EU and make complex topics, such as the EU taxation comprehensible to a broad audience”,  Mr. Anthony Agotha, Member of Frans Timmermans Cabinet of the First Vice-President of the European Commission. “I thank you again for your passionate support for the European project and wish you the best of luck with the launch of your game” (July, 2019).